Free scratch cards

If you want to play scratch cards for free, there are several ways to go about. Here are some of our own favorite methods:

Use play money to learn how to play

If you just want to try out a new scratch card, or if you've never played scratch cards online and want to learn how to, we recommend a visit to one of the many gambling sites online where you can play scratch cards for free using play money. Of course, you can't win any real money playing with play money, but you will learn how all the scratch cards work. That way, you can avoid costly mistakes once you start playing for real money. Also, you will know which scratch cards you like.

Spend your registration bonus on scratch cards

Today, many gambling sites have started giving out registration bonuses to new members that complete the registration process. You do not need to make any deposit to get this type of welcome bonus, which means that you can try out a long row of gambling sites for free and see how you like their scratch cards without paying a nickle for it. Registration bonuses tend to be quite small, usually in the $10 neighborhood, but that is still enough to purchase quite a lot of scratch cards if you go for the cheaper ones.

Use your deposit bonus

When you have found a gambling site that you like and decide to make a first deposit you can expect to get a deposit bonus. Usually, the size of the deposit bonus will depend on the size of your deposit. Some gambling sites will for instance give you 100% bonus up to $100 or while others give you 150% up to $200. The deposit bonus is normally attached to a wager requirement, and purchasing scratch cards is a great way of fulfilling this requirement since they tend to count fully towards the requirement, unlike for instance video poker where a wager usually counts 10% or less towards the wager requirement.

Keep your eyes open when new scratch cards are released

When gambling sites launch new scratch cards from their software providers they often have special promotional campaigns to encourage current and prospective members to try the new scratch cards. It is for instance not unusual to give a free scratch card to the first 500 members that log in a certain day, or hand out 10 free scratch cards to anyone who makes a deposit during the campaign period. Information about scratch card campaigns can usually be found in newsletters, on the gambling site and on independent sites featuring online casino news.

Earn offline scratch cards

Marketing research companies offer their panel members a variety of gifts as a thank you for their participation and traditional off line scratch cards are a very common present. Sometimes you will get a scratch card simply for participating in one survey, sometimes you need to participate in several surveys and collect points that can be redeemed for scratch cards.