Playing scratch cards online

Playing scratch cards online is easy, fun and can yield large winnings. Instead of being confined to the scratch card types available at your local shop you can sample the world wide web and try out scratch cards from numerous game developers. Some scratch cards online are copies of offline scratch cards and are offered by the same producer online and offline, while others are unique to the internet and can not be found offline.

In order to play scratch cards online, you need a computer with an internet connection. Some gambling sites also offer scratch card play directly in your cell phone, but these are still quite few. The number of gambling sites offering cell phone play is however expected to sky rocket within the next few years, so if you want to be able to play scratch cards where ever you are you have a lot of exciting things to look forward too.

If you want to play scratch cards online for real money you need to register with a gambling site. If you just want to play for fun without using real money, you do not have to register anywhere – you can simply visit some of the many online gambling sites that will let your play scratch cards for free using play money. Of course, you can not win any real money while playing for play money, but you will get a chance to see if you like the idea of playing scratch cards online using your cursor instead of scratching silvery film off a piece of paper with a penny.

Today, many gambling sites will give you a small registration bonus as soon as you complete the registration process. This means that you can head to the scratch card section even before you have made any deposit. In the scratch card section you can use your free registration bonus to try out the various scratch cards. A registration bonus is usually quite small, but it will still be enough to buy quit a lot of scratch cards if you avoid the really expensive ones.

Exactly how you scratch your online scratch card vary from game to game. Many scratch cards will let you scratch the fields using your cursor like you would use a coin outside of the internet. There are however also cards where you simply click on each field to scratch it. There is usually an autoplay feature available, where one simple click will scratch all the fields for you as you watch.

When playing scratch cards online you have an astonishingly large selection of scratch cards to chose between. Many scratch card aficionados sign up with several gambling sites. That way, they can enjoy scratch cards from a long row of game developers, such as NetEntertainment, Betsoft, NYX, NeoGames, Cryptologic, and more. Also keep in mind that you can get a lot of registration bonuses by signing up with many gambling sites offering scratch cards.