Scratch card jackpot

There are basically two types of scratch card jackpots: fixed value jackpots and progressive jackpots. A fixed value jackpot is always the same, whether it is $50 or €1 million. A progressive jackpot on the other hand will grow and grow until someone wins it.

Scratch cards with progressive jackpots are quite common online, where it is easy for game developer to connect all their scratch cards of a certain type to a communal jackpot. All the scratch cards with a certain title will help feed a common jackpot which can grow really large, really quick. Often, the game developer will start the jackpot by putting a sizable chunk of money into it to encourage play.

Scratch cards with large progressive jackpots are popular since you get the chance of winning a huge amount of money despite only wagering a small sum. However, you should take into account that the money for the jackpot has to come from somewhere and that scratch cards with progressive jackpots therefore tend to pay out less in normal winnings than their non-progressive counterparts.

The online gambling world is a highly competitive business and gambling sites are currently doing all they can to find new customers and keep the old ones. Because of this, there has been an increase of really large scratch card jackpots online – both fixed sum jackpots and progressive jackpots. It is today possible to win millions of dollars on a single scratch card.

When playing scratch cards where it is possible to win life changing amounts of money it is a good idea to have some type of plan for how to act if you were to win. Many people act irrationally when an enormous amount of money suddenly appears in their account and start doing things that aren't long term beneficial for them.

If you were to win millions of dollars on a scratch card, what would be your first reaction? Would you tell the world or keep it to yourself? How do you think family and friends would react; would they be happy for you and let you figure out things on your own or would your house be filled with people begging for money?

A common mistake among big winners is to purchase houses, boats and similar without realizing how much they cost to maintain. Even if you can afford to purchase a mansion, will you really be able to pay for its upkeep in the long run? It's nicer to live in a top-notch apartment and have money to travel the world than to live in a huge house where the roof is collapsing due to poor maintenance.

It is wise not to make any rash decisions when faced with a potentially life changing scratch card win. Put the money away in one or several banks while you think about what to do next. Of course, some of the money should be spent celebrating right away. Uncork the champagne, buy a really expensive Star Wars artifact or hand out smashing gifts to your closest circle of friends – whatever floats your boat. After all, money is for enjoying.